medical interns and july

my sister informed me and our brother today to not go to a teaching hospital in july.  why you ask unless you’re nodding your head knowing what i’m talking about?  because that’s when the first rounds of interns who recently graduated from medical school and think they are complete hot shots and awesome come into the hospital and start killing people.  yes, killing people.  most medical shows portray nurses as being stupid and blah blah.  no no fine people, they are not.  my sister, 3 of my best friends and a few other friends are nurses and they’re pretty freaking smart.  they don’t kill patients.  sister overruled an intern one day at a teaching hospital and the resident agreed it was the right move.  the intern didn’t understand why.  if smarty nurse sister would have listened to hot-shot-know-it-all-i-have-an-MD-intern, the patient would have crashed. 

lesson: don’t go to a teaching hospital in july.  even my crappy general hospital in my county would keep me alive longer.


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