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Loophole to Money Can’t Buy Happiness

So I was on the metro with my friend on the way to a Caps game and we got into talking about what it would be like to have a lot of money. We’re always told by the tremendous amount of elders that we know that money doesn’t buy happiness. Happiness comes from doing good in the world, loving others, being kind, etc. That’s all true, but here’s the thing. Money buys us things. Supposedly things don’t make you truly happy. Here’s the thing, I absolutely LOVE the Capitals. I have since as long as I can remember. A fourth of my clothing is Caps related. My love for this team is intense. And I’ve always said that if I won a million dollars, I’d buy season tickets to the Caps. That would equal happiness. So, I feel like this is a loophole. Because I can be kind and take someone with me to enjoy a game. That also goes under loving others. Once I figure out how it does good in the world, I’ll let you know.

Moral of the story: money can buy legitimate happiness. Loopholes for the win.

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playoffs…you’d think dad would get it by now

the washington capitals are my first love.  and i mean that.  i can’t even remember why i started watching hockey, but when i did, i fell in love.  the christmas i opened up a caps jersey…i almost cried.  yes, you think i’m nuts, but this is the truth.  i put that jersey on and refused to take it off for a family picture.  after a few years of crappy seasons, the caps were good again.  really good.  making playoffs good.  they got ovechkin, semin, backstrom, laich and green.  and when they make the playoffs…i turn into a crazy person and my dad still hasn’t figured that out yet.

let us recall 2 years ago.  i was a senior in college.  i told my roommates that i HAD to watch the games.  HAD to.  if i missed them…i think they got the point.  and they learned what happens.  my cell phone was removed from my person.  my laptop was stored safely in my room.  i was only allowed to eat with non-breakable plates and cups.  the couch was moved up so i could pace.  i was given a pillow to hit the couch with.  my roommate ashley said she was going to make me a damnit doll.  i paced, i yelled, i almost ripped holes in my shirt.  we lost. 

let us recall last year.  this will make me sound like a huge b, but that’s hindsight now.  it was the determining game if the caps would move on or not.  no one had been home at the start of the game.  when my dad finally walked in the door, i was on the floor, gripping the carpet and almost in tears.  we were losing.  he tried to tell me that the kid that works for him had flesh eating bacteria on his leg.

 “Dad, I promise I care.  Just not right now, Dad.  I can’t pay attention to what you’re telling me because my dreams of the Stanley Cup are slowly drifting away.”

“Well, he’s in surgery now.”

“Dad, tell me after the game, okay?  I want to give you my undivided attention and there’s 5 minutes left in this period.”

yes.  that happened.  and i did shed one tear when we lost.

and now we’re in this year’s playoff season.  the first game, the FIRST GAME, of the series and i was already jumping around and antsy. i had my t-

shirt and sweatshirt on.  i told my parents that i called one of the TVs with a satellite box and i ended up in their room.  7 minutes left in the 3rd period and we had tied it up.  dad comes walking into his room, ready to go to bed and goes, you can watch out in the living room.  without even looking at

him, i said, “i cannot leave right now.  honestly dad, i can’t miss a second.”  though i didn’t see it, i feel like he stared at me like i had 3 heads.  so he asked what channel and starts to walk to the living room to change it for me (such a nice dad).  at that point, a commercial came on and i jumped up and went “commercial break!  peace out dad!” and ran to the living room.

maybe he’ll get it by the end of this play off season (or the cup if we get it) that you cannot come near me or ask me to stop paying attention to the game unless it’s a commercial.  i become a crazy person.  i accept it.  and honestly, i think i might literally cry if we win the cup.

both pictures are mine.

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