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Post-Apocalyptic Names

Back in high school, I watched the tv show Dark Angel. You know, before Jessica Alba did movies and before Jensen Ackles was on Supernatural (ps, what is that show even about?). It was a post-apocalyptic story line with a genetically engineered bad ass girl taking on the bad guys. Aside from the sometimes awkward and crappy acting, it was a good show for the first season. But it had weirdly named characters. Original Cindy. Tinga. Herbal. Normal. Rafer. Syil. Krit.

Next post-apocalyptic thing: The Hunger Games. Excellent book. Written so much better than Twilight, but still can never replace Harry Potter in my heart. Anyway, again, post-apocalyptic world. Apparently the environment went to crap and America/Canada is now some smaller version of itself and is now called Panem or something like that. But the names again. Katniss. Primrose (I get that those are plants). Peeta. Rue. Cinna. Haymitch. Venia. Flavius.

What the heck? Did all of the copies, both digital and print, of “The Baby Book of Names” just up and disappear in the post-apocalyptic world? What the hell happened to names like Jacob? Sarah? Sam? Ryan? You know, names I can actually pronounce. How come when the world goes to crap, our names go to crap too? And why couldn’t Peeta’s name just be freaking Peter? I mean, maybe we’re headed down this route since people name their kids @ (legit, the @ sign), Espn, Apple, Coco, Pilot Inspektor…

If a post-apocalyptic world happens and I have actual, non-theoretical children, I’m still naming my kid something normal.

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