So, you might want to bring food

Me and the Brother from about 6 years ago

My brosef called me the other night to see if I could sit at his house and wait for the TV repair dude and seeing as I had nothing else to do, I said sure.  He told me when to come over and then went to look in his fridge to see what he had that I would eat (he knows I’m not a big meat eater).

“Well, let’s see. I’ve got beer. Oh! You need to try the Smithwicks.  There’s some deer bologna, snack sticks, um.  I’ve got ice cream sandwiches, you eat those.  They’re the mint kind.  And there’s carry-out menus on the fridge.  Yeah, you might want to bring food cause all you’d eat are the ice cream sandwiches and beer.”

“How do you feed yourself?! You eat like a speed eating champion.”

“I eat out every meal.”

My 31-year-old brother still lives the life of a bachelor.  I find it hilarious.

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