silence of the lambs. . .

totally not a scary movie.  well, at least the tv edited version isn’t scary.  maybe i’m desensitized to serial killers. i studied them for a semester and watched some court proceedings.  i was thoroughly creeped out and forced my friend to walk me back to my dorm that happened to be 25 feet away from his (yes, i put up a fight when he said he would just watch to make sure i entered the door from his door…no no.).  i watch dexter. i get fascinated by serial killer stories and what the heck went wrong in their heads.  so, silence of the lambs isn’t scary.

but monkey movies?  monkey movies are freaking TERRIFYING.  have you seen the preview to “rise of the planet of the apes?” holy crappppppp.  that’s fudging scary. monkeys creep me out. mighty joe young? creepy. planet of the apes (all of them)?  nope nope.

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