Phoenix Airport…the friendliest

Sky Harbor International Airport (Phoenix) is known as “the friendliest airport.”  Well, it’s no wonder they’re friendly because they deal with seriously confused people all day long.  Why, you ask?  Because even though they might be friendly, their airport isn’t user friendly.  My friend and I got off our 1st 5 hour leg and walked into our terminal to find the next gate.  We looked at every flight board and it only had US Airways flights and our second leg was United.  So, we kept walking and turned down to another arm of gates searching for a flight board with all the flights.  Being utterly exhausted, we walked on the moving walkway and I 1) almost fell asleep standing and 2) wanted to rip out the recorded message that repeated every 15 seconds to tell me the walkway was going to end in 30 feet.

Anyway, no dice on the flight boards, so we find an employee who tells me, “Oh, you won’t find United here.  You gotta go to another terminal. So go out past security and find a person in purple.”  We did just that and meanwhile I’m thinking, why do I have to go out past security?  Am I going to have to go through that again?  So we find a nice old lady in purple who tells us to go out door 26 (really far away in my tiredness book) and get on the shuttle and go to terminal 2.  We followed the yellow brick road and found the shuttle where at least 5 other people asked if this took us to terminal 2 (the bus wasn’t well labeled).

We got off the shuttle and walked into the new terminal to find that yes, in fact, we did have to go through security once more.  And I was actually disappointed that I didn’t get the x-ray scanner.  So far I’m 9-1 for how many times I’ve been x-rayed at the airport this year.  I really wanted to be 10 for 10.

We grabbed breakfast, stretched and then curled up in the most awkward positions that should have hurt our backs and necks (according to an older gentleman) and slept for the majority of that flight.



2 thoughts on “Phoenix Airport…the friendliest

  1. Mark says:

    Want to hear about an airport not being user friendly? I was in London in May and in order to catch a connecting flight, we had to wait for a bus to come pick us up from the tarmac. Think about how many people fit on a plane vs how many fit on a bus (dont forget that luggage everyone carried on!) Then we had to be driven clear across the airport to a central area where you go through security again, then you have to find/go to your gate, where a bus will pick you up and take you to your next plane. On the plane tickets they actually say to allow an hour between flights…for the same airport! On top of that, we almost missed it still!

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