hello october.

i wait for october the second it’s over.  that may seem sad, but it’s my favorite month.

why, you ask?  easy.

1) Football season at its best

2) Pumpkin flavored everything (pie, cookies, bread, coffee, ice cream)

3) That first crunch of an epic crunchy leaf

4) Flannel and scarves

5) Crisp air and the first time you can see your breath


7) Holiday flavored creamers

8 ) Old crooner music (Dinah, Ella, Etta, Frank)

9) Colors

10) First fire in a fireplace

11) Lattes

12) Layers of blankets on your bed

should i go on?

songs you should listen to during this epic month:
1) glenn miller: moonlight serenade
2) dinah washington: what a difference a day makes
3) ella fitzgerald: stormy weather
4) dorothy moore: misty blue
5) billie holiday: i’ll be seeing you


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