kid vs. tower. a petsmart story.

i went into petsmart today and i hear this kid start yelling.  my natural reaction is “shut that thing up. seen and not heard.”  well, i go to the cat area and then i hear the kid start crying.  but i don’t hear any parents around to ask the kid what’s wrong or to tell them that no, they cannot have a goldfish because they aren’t responsible enough. i peer around the corner and the kid has climbed into one of those cat cozy towers. legit, has climbed into the little tunnel thing (see image). and he has gotten himself stuck.

i had to walk to the other side of the store and burst out laughing.

he’s kicking his little legs and screaming.

and i’m laughingggggg.

it took 3-5 minutes before his parents pulled him out.  and before you ask, there was no way i was helping this kid.  he needed to learn that he was not a cat.

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