“Hello, this is Stacie” apparently isn’t okay

I have a blackberry for work that I’m required to answer, especially since the main office line is forwarded to my phone (small sacrifice for working at home).  I’ve answered calls from disgruntled tuna consumers complaining about some black speck in their tin and cancer patients wondering if it’s safe to eat (why they didn’t call their DOCTOR, I do not know).  But this time was different.

ring ring ring

me: “Hello, this is Stacie.”  (by the way, my boss says the SAME thing except he uses his name.  he does this even when he doesn’t know the caller)

dude: “Is this a residence?”

me: “No sir, this is my work cell phone.”

dude: “Do you represent a company?” in an annoyed, angered tone.

me: “I work for _ _ _ _.”

dude: “Then is this how you should answer your phone?!”  in a ticked off, berating tone.

I pause.  I have no idea what to say.

me: “Sir, I answer my phone, “Hello, this is Stacie.”

He pauses. I can hear his annoyed breathing.  He hangs up.  Then, he calls again.  This time, I’m running to the bathroom because I’m not answering when I have to pee pretty badly.

He didn’t leave a voicemail and I traced his phone back to a Georgia location.  Now, before you suggest it, I know I could have said, “_ _ _ _, this is Stacie.”  But I didn’t and I haven’t before.  One, my acronym is hard for me to say, so it comes out as a slur.  If I say out the full name, you’re going to want to hang up.  And typically, people confirm that they called the right location, which I always politely inform them with a yes or no.  But it is 2011 and people have been calling places for what, a 120+ years?  You should expect that you’re going to get a person.  I told a co-worker this story and she said that even when she answered for another job and said “Bally’s Fitness, this is _____” people STILL got confused.  At least I didn’t say “Whad up, yo?” like I do with my brother.  My best friend asked me if I answered in the middle of yelling an expletive.  Unfortunately, I did not.  Though I think that would have warranted the berating I received over saying hello and my name.



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