my life be like whoa

i have no idea what that statement means.  i’m going with, my life is great.  i spent my weekend with the little nug and she asked me to sing “stuck like glue” to her.  and she goes, “dacie, stuck glue?”  yes honey, we’re stuck like glue.  she tries to con me into giving her “pawberries” (strawberries).  she asks for dance parties.  she loves being in her diaper and running around the house screaming “NAKED!”  she cries and i say, “honey, use your words.  no tears.” and in the midst of her boo hoos, she says “no tears.”

“there you go making my heart beat again…there you go making me feel like a kid…there you go pulling me right back in…you and me baby, we’re stuck like glue.”

yeah, i probably talk about her a lot and yeah, it probably gets annoying.  but my sister’s child has taught me things i didn’t know were missing.  that was my friday night and saturday.  20 month olds realllllllly wear you out.

sunday, dad and i had daddy-daughter bonding time.  we planted seeds side by side on a board on our garden.  last year it was “my” garden.  dad semi taught and left me to figure things out myself.  this is his form of teaching, which is slightly frustrating and intriguing at the same time.  my dad and i are a lot alike while being completely opposite at the same time.  he’s conventional and is more into “skills” jobs (read: nursing, HVAC-2 of my siblings).  i’m unconventional and the 9-5, hate my job life is something i refuse to do.  i love sports, playing and watching.  my dad gripes about how much they’re overpaid and watches hunting.  i want to see the world; dad’s content to be here.  yet, from him, i get my workaholic ways, my inability to pay attention/easily distracted, love for the outdoors and now gardening.

it’s funny to watch the two of us.  he’s in dirt covered jeans, a flannel shirt and boots.  i’m in a soccer t-shirt, lacrosse shorts and crocs.  yes yes, i know crocs are awful.  i only wear them in the garden because you can hose them off.  anyway.  in 60 degree weather, dad and i are side by side sitting on a board planting a row of onions.  he’s into it this year because of my excitement last year.  he even picked things to plant.

it’s the small things that make my life be like whoa.


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