things in my life

1) MLS fantasy soccer league (that I’m actually caring about this year)

2) Katie and Anthony Durski’s dog Sam sleeping on my lap every time I go over

3) Abigator saying “Baby hiney”

4) One of my kids I teach making me a card and a grass bracelet

5) New baby Arden in my favorite family to watch/teach

6) Being told my travel schedule is going to increase

7) Stellar music finds given to me by the wonderful Christina

8) Being perfectly content and happy in my life at this moment.  I need nothing more or less. (and I’m not lying)

9) Hugs from my brosefis

10) Hornsby’s Hard Cider

11) Soulmate Sandwich

12) Surprise baby showers where for once I didn’t blow the surprise (blew Katie’s bridal shower…told Jenn not to text me questions or I’ll blow hers too)

13) The kids I teach actually understanding the lessons I’m teaching them (and when they interrupt me to say “Chief.  Kodak Moment”)

14) Being a surrogate big sister to some girls who need it.

15) Nicknames for every person and my growing swearing vocabulary


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