$5 we’ll never be satisfied with energy because of Japan

My gut instinct believes that because of the Japan nuclear plant crisis, the American people will not want nuclear power because “omg omg omg, something could happen and when it does, we’re all going to die of radiation and people will get cancer and and and, we’re all going to fucking die.”

I can sort of see that.  Radioactive material…kind of scary.  So what are our other choices?

Oil-I think we’ve made it clear that we, “cannot continue to rely on oil.  We need to turn to cleaner, more reliable and self sufficient energy.” i.e, going green and sticking our middle finger up to the Saudis (where we get most of our oil) and going our own way.

Wind Farm- some group like PETA protested a wind farm being built in some desert area (were there are very few inhabitants cause it’s so freaking hot) because of an endangered squirrel.  Yes.  You heard me.  A SQUIRREL.  A tree rat.  An annoying, fidgety little thing.  Great priorities.  Really.

Dams- Can’t do that one because it screws up the environment.  People protested the one in China.  Not everyone is a fan of the Hoover.  So, that’s out cause people aren’t happy with that one.

Natural Gas- I’m sure there’s an argument from some environmentalist group that throws up red flags on that one.

So basically, we’re up the creek without a paddle because everyone is flipping out about nuclear power and doesn’t want to do anything else.  Great.  That’s getting us real far.  But here’s the thing about nuclear power: it’s relatively safe and clean.  Before you cry wolf and point at Japan…yeah, I get that.  It’s not like they knew an 8.9 earthquake was coming (which has nothing to do with global warming or Satan.  Last time I checked, the earth wasn’t solid and has a molten core…which means IT MOVES.  Plates collide.  Hence: Rocky Mountains and the Himalayas and India shoving itself into China).

There are roughly 450 nuclear plants in the world.  There has been 1 major disaster (Chrenobyl), 1 minor disaster (3 Mile Island) and now Japan.  450 plants, 3 “disasters.”  Now, take the 450 plants X 365 days/year X years in operation.  Large number right? 3 accidents vs. a large number.  You see things like a nuclear reactor going up in Japan (caused by an unpredictable earthquake) and you spaz that we’re all going to die if we put one in North Dakota (not highly inhabited).  That’s like freaking out and saying you’re never going to fly again when a plane crashes.  Again, number of planes X flights per day X 365 days a year X operational years…large number vs. small amount of plane crashes.

Nuclear energy is a good way to go for America.  Just don’t put it on a fault line.

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