Things I learned in school that are not useful now…

  1. The Quadratic Formula.  I actually had to look it up.
  2. Stoichiometry
  3. Significant Figures
  4. Domain and Range in Pre Calc and Calc
  5. Memorizing that Romeo Romeo, were for art thou Romeo junk.  My English teacher lied.  She said I’d still be able to quote it at 23.5.  Fail.
  6. Family and Consumer Sciences classes.  They didn’t do too much for me…I still eat PB and J instead of a gourmet meal and can’t figure out how to tie off a knot when I fix a loose button.
  7. Making a robot in tech ed…when am I ever going to do that again?
  8. Mitosis and Meiosis
  9. Theorems from Geometry
  10. Being able to find the point of a line or curve at any point
  11. How to care for an egg shell like it’s a baby (doesn’t help me take care of my niece.  she still falls over all the time)
  12. Anything from Trigonometry.  Sin, Cos…there’s a third one…
  13. The history of China from 900 AD
  14. The book The Girl With The Pearl Earring
  15. That Spanish paper on that Spanish country that I used Bablefish (before Google Translate) to write
  16. Cursive (except on the SATs)

I will give engineers, chemists and math people credit for actually needing to know Sig Figs and whatever (though I do not understand how solving a math problem is fun…).  However, I have yet to use any of this crap.  I have yet to write a research paper from a book I hated even though it has some super literary award (that doesn’t make it the best) to prove a point.  There are things that I think should have been covered in school…

  1. Grammar (only one teacher taught me how to be a grammar snob.  now we’ve got kids writing “thts gr8. c u l8r.”
  2. A foreign language starting at 6 years old (keeps us up to speed with our Euro friends)
  3. Full out memorization of the US Constitution
  4. Instead of stupid gym games, making us run the majority of the time.  Even if you’re running slow.
  5. Better focused history. Henry VIII was interesting, but not as significant as WWII and the Cold War
  6. Books that we actually give 2 shits about.  You want a kid to read?  Then they gotta like the book.

We’re also way too soft on our kids.  Remember that discussion about how using red pen hurts the kids’ self esteem?  SERIOUSLY?!  It’s a color.  The kid f’d up.  He needs to know he f’d up.  Not every kid deserves a trophy.  Some kids work hard for a reason (to win).    And, compared to the rest of the Westernized world, we suck.

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