No, no, no…we should NOT get involved with Libya

Context: NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.  Report on US actions in regards to Libya.

Yes, Gadhafi is a fucking nutcase who is clearly delusional.  In a paraphrased quote, he said, “They love me. My people love me. They would die for me. They love me.”  I may have heard this incorrectly, but he also says the protests are not a happening; that Al Qaeda gave the people drugs and that’s led to the unrest.  And, he will turn that country red before he steps down.  Okay, can we all agree that he’s a nutcase?  Good. Let’s move on.

While watching this news segment, Sec. of State Clinton (who, by the way, says um or uh every 5 seconds) said that NATO is debating on a no fly zone and US naval ships and the air force are mobilizing just in case President Obama says we should enter Libya and assist.

I get that Gadhafi is a wack.  I get that he is killing his own citizens.  I get that it’s not as “easy” as a revolution as Egypt and Tunisia.  But, why should the US get involved?  We don’t have enough troops to send there because we’ve increased troops in Afghanistan and we’ve got troops in Iraq.  OH YEA!  Iraq.  You know that time a few years ago where the US went in on some bad intel (yeah, keep pointing fingers.  It happened. You can’t change it.  Blaming wastes time) and we took out Sadam who hid in a hole?  Look how well that turned out.  We’re still there.  Despite Obama saying our men and women would come home, we’re still there.  That’s cause we. can’t. leave.  No matter how much you want us to, we can’t.  Colin Powell: “You break it, you own it.”  And for all those who say we went in for oil…again, look how well that turned out.  $3.36 a gallon…  Though the media is massively tainted (bet ya didn’t know that one did ya?) and they show how much the people hate us, not everyone does.  Ask a solider who has been there.  That’s your best interview.

Anyway, though I understand the humanitarian issue of people being killed for protesting, Libya is its own nation.  Sovereign.  They have done nothing to us to warrant our military entering their country.  Again, we don’t have enough troops.  We don’t have enough reason expect for the world looking at us like, “why don’t you do something?!”  Um, WHY ARE WE ALWAYS THE PROBLEM SOLVERS?!  It’s a catch-22 for us.  You want us to help and when we do, you get pissed that we’re there.  You want us to help and we don’t and you get pissed that we’re not there.  Make up your minds.

Kicking Libya from the UN Humanitarian whatever is embarrassing (though how were they on there in the first place?), I’m pretty sure Gadhafi is just cracking up.  The UN only works if you agree to it.  You are not bound to adhere.  You can say no (remember that time Bush said, “bump that, the US will do what it wants aka what I tell it to).

So, through all my rambling…why does the US need to mobilize its forces for possible entrance into Libya?  Even with UN action, Gadhafi will still rule with a flaming gun.  If we enter, what does that do?  Spends our money (that we don’t have), moves our troops (that we don’t have) and uses our weapons (okay, that we definitely have) to do what?  Assassinate Gadhafi?  Nah, that might not go over too well and we’re going to have to search for him cause $10 he’s gonna go sit in a hole.  Catch him and give him over to the ICC? Please, let’s not spend more money and have more blame placed on us and another country we can’t pay for.

In other news, the oldest and last WWI vet, Mr. Buckles, passed away.  Rest in peace.

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