MADD president charged with DUI — oh, the irony!

PS- headline is from the actual article which can be found here.

Isn’t the whole point of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) to be against drunk driving and therefore not drive drunk? Doesn’t it impair your judgement and what not and lead to accidents?  Hmm, I guess that former chapter president missed the memo.

OR, she’s depressed from being the former and not current president.

But a BAC of .234?  One, I find it hilarious that it goes in numerical order.  Two, isn’t the legal limit .08?  That’s 2.9x the legal limit!  Holy Ish!  She probably had some vodka, some Jose, maybe some Captain and finished out the round with some Bombay Sapphire.

Dear English teachers,

Please use this as your example of irony from now on.



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