NFL Combine Weekend

Holla!  The Combine is one of my favorite weekends (for me, it’s only a weekend).  2 full days of college football kids looking for their in to the NFL.  My eyes were mainly on Cam Newton and Ryan Mallett.  Go figure.  BCS champion and QB from my favorite college team.  Cam is built like a football god.  He’s got about 5% body fat in his 200+ pound body, a huge hand and a powerful arm.  He’s talented, there’s no doubt about that.  But he’s got an ego issue.  He had a lot of success in one year, but I, personally, am not sure if he’ll hold up in the NFL.  Sure, he’s naturally talented.  Gifted per se.  But he really only had one year of being the starting quarterback at Auburn.  He was at Florida, then Blinn college and then Auburn.  He was a back up to Tebow in Florida, led Blinn to the Junior College championship and then started at Auburn.  Basically, he’s played at the D1 level for one year.  Just one freaking year.  Yes, he’s talented.  Yes, he won a bowl.  But I honestly think that kid needs one more year in the SEC before going to the NFL.

Ryan Mallett has a similar background to Cam.  Played at Michigan his first year, but barely played.  Transferred to U of Ark for his sophomore year and red shirted.  Was the starting QB his junior year and he led his team to their first sugar bowl game since 1979.  He’s powerful.  Accurate.  Dedicated.  But he has maturity issues and still needs another year in the SEC.  One great season doesn’t mean everything.  Yes, he broke or matched 16 Arkansas records in 2009, but again, experience experience experience.

Other reports are saying that Newton and Mallett made the right choices to enter the draft instead of returning to school.  Top 10 picks are likely for either, especially for Mallett since Andrew Luck returned to Stanford.  We shall see.

While watching the Wide Outs in the Gauntlet drill, the Hawaii kid (WO33) did a decent job.  Had great control over his body.  Caught away from his body.  But if the commentator said, “this should be fluid; this should be smooth” one. more. time. I was going to take his mic through the tv.  Your average person is probably not watching the Combine.  They probably don’t care and will wait until the (if it happens) 2011 season to hear about these new rookies.  Or the draft.  However, your obsessed football fans watch the combine and know what should be happening.  Therefore, SHUT UP AND STOP REPEATING THE SAME SENTENCE EACH TIME A NEW WO IS IN THE GAUNTLET.  Thanks.

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