middle east protests

if i explain to you my college degrees, maybe that will give light to my complete and utter fascination with what is happening in the middle east today.  when i was 14, i decided i wanted to be a spy.  i dove into my history books and government classes.  it was easy and natural.  same with geography.  then i interned with a federal government agency.  then i went to college and decided that i wanted to study journalism and international relations.  no more spy life, but still intense study of politics, governments and the world.  there are classes, countless text books, hours of discussion and many test questions on the middle east.  and i honestly never thought i would see what is happening now.


i watch NBC nightly news at night and read CNN if i have 10 minutes during my work day.  egypt.  mubarak stepped down.  tunisia, revolution to a government switch.  libaya, Qadhafi may be in tripoli or may not.  he’s not stepping down, but he’s hiding.  countries ruled by dictators who didn’t hold elections or tainted them for years.  Qadhafi for 40+ years. bahrain, a tiny island that people forget about (it’s in the persian gulf north of qatar and east of saudi arabia)

and now the world is watching as the citizens of these countries are fighting for what THEY want.  and though the united states is so freaking pleased because we are democracy advocates, we haven’t played a single hand in this.  this was all the citizens of those countries doing.  it’s what they wanted.  and though i think democracy is the best way to go because i grew up in the west, i don’t want to push it on anyone or any country.

the egyptians are spectacular people.  they had an almost bloodless protest.  they were peaceful.  they didn’t give up. they shouted and stood in cairo for days for what they wanted; for what they believed in.  through fear of death, but perseverance for want, they stood with the flag of egypt and chanted, “no more mubarak.  leave mubarak.”  and look what happened.  he stepped down and handed power over to someone else and the egyptians cheered.  respectable.  beautiful.

now that i’ve written all that.  let me express my true feelings.  i would let my child worship the dallas cowboys and be the opposite political party i am in order to be there with my bullet proof vest on to be covering these events.  most people would say they would give their left arm, but i kind of need it.  this is legit some of the most exciting stuff i have ever seen and probably will ever see.  i never thought this would happen.  i lived in reality where things stay the way they are because people don’t challenge it.  but they’re challenging it now!  i high-fived my mom after the news.  i ran with a smile because i was watching it.  call it weird, whatever.  but this is freaking exciting.

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