i am now a seasoned traveller

in my young years of 23.5, i’ve already reached seasoned traveller status. this is how it was supposed to happen: flight from BWI to LAX, drive from LAX to Palos Verdes, board meeting, drive from Palos Verdes to LAX, flight from LAX to BWI, drive home.

this is how it really went. flight from BWI to LAX (got in early), drive from LAX to Palos Verdes (smooth), board meeting (fine), drive from Palos Verdes to LAX (some traffic, but got there on time), flight from LAX to BWI = Fail.

the following is the story of my trip home:
i was set to fly from LAX to BWI on wednesday. landing at 7:20. we had a small window to get in and then i was going to stay at my friend’s house who lives 10 minutes from the airport

no dice, so we circled BWI for 20 minutes until we got re-routed to Pittsburgh
i was like, fine, at least i’m in my normal time zone and i can start to readjust
we landed, got our bags, got a new flight and said to go see customer service to get a hotel
fine, great, just let me shower and sleep
this happens. i can’t control the weather

i was sent to a hotel and waited in line for 3 hours. 3 or 4 US Airways crews were there plus other passengers

3 hours to find out i didn’t have a room

so i paid extra to go to another hotel (i couldn’t look up numbers because both phones had died), so another gentlemen called, saved 5 rooms and took 5 of us
1:30 am i had finally showered and gotten in bed

next day, made it through security and all. got on the plane to sit on the tarmac for 45 minutes
landed in BWI late and then i had to go to oversize baggage
i knew what to do
so i stood there to wait for it
the asian lady who could barely speak english goes, what you waiting for?

i said my banner tube., it came in on the pittsburgh flight.
she goes, “well, bag come in over der on belt.”
i said, i know. i have my bags. i’m waiting for the tube, which will come out here.
she goes, “no, you not understanding. bag come out first over on belt.”

in my mind i’m like, wtf am i not understanding here? i have my bags. i need my tube…
and i go, “again, i have my bags. i need to wait HERE for my over sized banner tube. i was told to wait here, so i’m in the right spot.”:
she barely helped anyone. staring blankly and finally shrugging or nodding

and when the flight’s stuff came out, this group was able to grab all of their equipment, no questions asked
people grabbed their car seats
freaking lady goes, “i need see claim slip”
“i wasn’t given one.”
“fine. i need see ID.”
so i got it out and showed her.

she stared at it for 30 seconds. checked my tag, looked at my ID, looked at me and goes, “fine, you can take”
SERIOUSLY! meanwhile, i’m texting christi and she goes, who else would carry a tube like that without knowing exactly what’s in it

i parked at fast park, and even dad said, it’s their responsibility to help their customers get out
i was like, dude, just hand me a shovel and i’ll go to town
this old fat guy was my driver, i ask him for the shovel and he goes, “oh, you need help getting out?”
1) he had just helped another customer and 2) YES, there’s like 4-6 inches sitting behind my tires and car
he takes 2-3 inches off and goes, you should be fine
um, again, 4-6 inches behind my tire

i drive a volvo
i will NOT be fine
well, he gets back on the bus with his shovel (he wouldn’t let me borrow it)
and watches me as i continue to dig around with my ice scrapper
he goes, ma’m, you should be fine
and i said, again, i know my car, i will not be able to make it over this

he goes, well, move it up forward a little and then try
so he drove off and 2 nice guys came to help
i’m like, SERIOUSLY

so mom and dad use this as a lesson and i’m like, no no, stop. i don’t need a lesson right now. i need to vent and i need to sleep. i’m fine. i know how to handle situations. go away

therefore, i am a seasoned traveller. i will laugh about this in 5 years.

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