alarm clock fail on iphone

so many people complained about the iphone alarm not working.  that’s why there’s this primitive thing called an alarm clock that plugs into the wall…it doesn’t fail because of year change glitches.

i remember being in college and so many oversleeping because their phone didn’t go off.  that’s because it’s a phone. it’s going to die. it’s going to fail. it’s going to accidentally turn off if it’s a verizon enV. you’re going to forget to take it off silent and put it on alarm only.  that’s why i still have a real alarm clock. sure it plays my ipod, but i don’t have to worry about it turning itself off, me not hearing its obnoxious sound, etc.

i do, however, have to worry about me turning it off, or changing the sound, etc, while i’m asleep. i have a nasty habit of doing random things like that, so i have a back up, which is my phone.  but my phone is not my primary alarm. and if i happen to turn both off while i am asleep, then i’m just working from home that day.  apparently my subconscious felt that i needed another two hours of sleep.


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