Music is what life sounds like

music.  to say that i love it is an understatement.  i find immense connection with a few lines in a song, the beat of another, the guitar solo that screams angry, agony or love and the extreme intelligence and gift of a songwriter/singer that can make me cry with a voice and words.  music is a rock and even i’ve wished that musicals were real life.  sing it out!  too bad my singing makes a dog’s ears bleed.  anyway, my entire life can be summed up with music lyrics or grey’s anatomy quotes.  we’ll go with music because it sounds better.

i also have this on-going game with a college friend.  every time we hear something we think the other would like, we youtube it and facebook post it and then leave comments.  i know she enjoys it as much as i do.  so without further adue, this is my current music love list…it’s longer this time

1) Could It Be by Mackintosh Braun
2) Making Me Nervous by Brad Sucks (yep, it’s legit)
3) Breathe (2AM) by Anna Nalik
4) Hangover by Hey Monday
5) Belong by Cary Brothers (actually, his entire Under Control album is worth it)
6) In The Sun by Joseph Arthur
7) Mary by Kings of Leon
8 ) Sing Me To Sleep (Feat. Neko Case) by Fran Healy (actually loved it before it was on Grey’s)
9) Undertow by Timbaland
10) Hold My Heart by Sara Bareilles (holy crap this girl is talented)
11) Firework and Teenage Dream by Katy Perry (don’t judge and thanks @kaneshow.)
12) Little Miss by Sugarland
13) Beautiful Dangerous (feat. Fergie) and Gotten (feat. Adam Levine) by Slash
14) Light Speed by Golden State
15) Thistle and Weeds and Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons (i get so excited when @BaileyDC101 plays this)
16) Backed Into The Corner by Amy Stroup
17) Undertow by Stars (totally different than number 9)
18) The Longer I Run by Peter Bradley Adams (Tina says he’s got a lullaby voice.  i agree)
19) It’s Not Your Fault by Athlete
20) How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep by Bombay Bicycle Club
21) If You Were Here by Cary Brothers
22) My Love by Sia
23) When They Come For Me by Linkin Park (love the new album)
24) We Are Rockstars by Does It Offend You, Yeah?
25) Kill, Night Drive and The Middle by Jimmy Eat World
26) Ordinary Girl by WAZ
27) Wash Away by Joe Purdy (actually, i just love this man, so anything by him)
28) Wonderful by Gary Go
29) Grenade by Bruno Mars (hahahahaha, @kissy_ana)
30) Love The Way You Lie pts 1 and 2, Eminem and Rihanna (@kissy_ana on this one too)


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