does it ever slow down?

i’m back to the ways of penciling time in just to say hi to my parents…
so here is a list of recent things that i could possibly expand on at a later day when i’m not exhausted or when i feel like elaborating.
1) i taught abigail how to say touchdown in 20 minutes and raise her arms in field goal style
2) abigail now says Ant Dacie.  let me tell you, a little girl teetering down the hall yelling Dacie is amazingly precious
3) someone. gave. me. germs.  the gross kind. i greeted the porcelain god sunday night abruptly and the next morning, i woke up to recovering from what felt like death to have a cold as well.  awesome.
4) being told i had to rest or i would make myself sick again and not agreeing to it until working from 9 am to 7pm at an event for work and being so tired i crashed as soon as i hit my bed,
5) yoda and i are going to the caps game!!
6) best friend and i and yoda and i declaring that we are hetero life mates.
7) even having a kitten is a reason to not want a kid
8 ) having the weirdest dreams that make absolutely no sense each night and relaying them to friends in the morning who go, “um, were you on something?”
9) finding random things in my work bag when i get to work.  apparently i like to put the remote in my bag while i’m sleeping…
10) the constant nagging feeling that i’m forgetting something, no matter how many times i go over my to do list.  and the fact that i have several to do lists and people who remind me of things because they know i misplace my to do lists because i have ADD and can forget where i put my cup and end up finding it sitting on the bathroom counter

this is my life.  some days i feel wildly out of control, but it’s also my first year as a real person.  it’s an awesome kind of wild.  the real world is much better than college, though there are days i miss my red cape and a sandbox, but who doesn’t?


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