today was weird.  not a bad weird.  just a few things that were just…well, weird.

first off, i woke up with this song in my head and i couldn’t remember what it was.  it had been in my dream where a ton of people were at my house and we decided to go fishing, in the dark.  and brian and i were singing this song.  well, my alarm goes off and i get online to start working.  brian’s gchat status ends up being this song.  my jaw dropped. 
“brian.  that song.”
“i know! it’s the best.”
“did you dream that we went fishing in the dark and sang that?”
“lol. no.”
“okay, cause i did. and i wake up to you having it in your status.”
“i know.”

then i go to DC to meet up with my boss and go to another meeting.  on the metro ride home, i look up at the guy standing next to me.  i’m now 90% sure it was my junior year prom date from high school.  no lie.  not making that up.  he’s a ginger.  his features are distinct.  i kept sneaking glances at him.  my junior year PROM DATE was 2 feet from me.  i haven’t seen him in 5 years.

i get home and decide to make some pasta to go with my chicken.  i’m cleaning out the pot that had a hard noodle in it from yesterday (i had the same thing two days in a row…it’s how i do life) and a hard noodle gets lodged deep under my fingernail.  A NOODLE.  it took 10 minutes to get as much of it as i could out.  and then i had to call my sister.
“hey, this is going to be your weird for the day.”
“um, alright?”
“so, i was cleaning a pot and a hard noodle got stuck way up under my fingernail.  i think there’s a little piece left cause it feels like something’s still in there.  what do i do?”
“make an appointment.  i’ve seen this a few times.  it’s like a splinter.  they lift up your nail a few milimeters and pull it out with forceps.”
“can it wait til next week?”
“uh, no dumb dumb. it’ll be infected by then.  you have old noodle in your nail.”
“if you can wait til wednesday, i’ll look at it when you get here.  i’ve got the stuff.”
“yeah, i’ll just do that.”
“see ya then.”

song + prom date + noodle = weird day.


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