who would have thought…

that a blanket would be the best gift.

when we were little, our grandmom gave mark, shannon and i each a blanket.  a thick fleece one.  mark’s had deer, shannon’s had wolves and mine had dogs.  i don’t remember how old we were when we got them, but i know i’ve had it since elementary school.  anyway, i think grandmom got them for us because she had one that we loved to snuggle under and my mom and dad have one (still the same one, by the way).  dad didn’t care as much, but mom would only share that blanket with us on special occasions.  we knew we were getting a treat if she let us snuggle under it.  and it was never when we were sick.  “no, do NOT get your pukey germs on that blanket or my pillow!” 

so grandmom got us each one with an animal that we loved.  and now, years and years later, we each STILL have our blankets.  i’ve seen it on the couch in my brother’s house.  my sister still uses hers on her’s and her husband’s bed and i still sleep with mine.  and shannon and i are just like our mom when it comes to those things.  we DO NOT share them.  roy, my sister’s husband, always likes what shannon has.  no lie.  he could fill up two identical glasses of water and still prefer to drink from whichever one shannon has.  so he thought he would get to use wolf blanket any time he wanted.  nope. nada. negativo. 

my mom attempted to explain when we got them and why we don’t share them and got him his own, but like the water, he wants wolf blanket.  shannon has told gator that she can snuggle with wolf blanket on special occasions as well.  roy still gets miffed when she pulls it out.  i get it, so i get rainbow bright blanket (yep, she has one. and it’s awesome). 

so at 30, 28 and 23, we would like to say Thank You, Grandmom.  We hope you can hear us wherever you are in Heaven and that you’re cracking up at how possessive each of us is over blankets you bought us years and years ago. 

3 of your grandkids. 

ps- we miss you.


One thought on “who would have thought…

  1. ~VoixBelle~ says:

    awww, the wolf blanket def fits into our convo about gifts that keep on giving. what a sweet way to remember your grandmom too :0)

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