apparently chapstick is…

addicting.  i also feel like it harbors a germ breeding ground, but right now, we’re going with addicting.

a few days ago i was in the car with my maternal unit.  i was rummaging through my tote and she asked what i was so eagerly searching for.  i replied, my chapstick.

“stacie!  i told you to stop using that!  it’s addicting.  you’re supposed to use vasoline.”
“ma, i don’t like vasoline.”
“i can feel the weight of it on my lips and it makes me squirm.  just like how i can feel the weight of nail polish.”
“one, you’re weird. two, chapstick is addicting, so you need to stop using it.”
“woman, if the two things i’m addicted to for the rest of my life are coffee and chapstick, then you made out great as a parent.  i could be addicted to crack.”


“i take it you see my point?”
“HA. so no, i will not use vasoline. i will not use it at all. i will use my fudging 800 chapsticks when i can find one…AH HA!  got it.”

….mom rolls her eyes….

i told this story to my sister.  she got on my case about the coffee thing.  i emphasized the, “i could be addicted to crack” thing and once again, made someone stop arguing because they see my point.



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