blast from the past….

the other day i was watching the land before time.  why?  because it was on instant watch for netflix and it’s a fudging CLASSIC.  this got yoda and i talking about the good ole days, you know, which were 3 minutes ago.  but kids now, they have stuff like dora the explorer and sponge bob.  yoda and i had the looney tunes, complete with wyle the coyote trying to kill roadrunner and failing every. single. time.  kids today can’t watch that because it doesn’t teach them manners and right from wrong.  well, kids today still don’t use their manners…and still make bad choices…so why subject them to the dumbness that is dora.

then yoda and i started going on all the old things we used to play with.  my sister had me playing with my little pony and watching rainbow brite.  my favorite movie was about a dinosaur called Baby: The Lost Legend.  then yoda tells me the backstreet boys and the new kids on the block are having a reunion tour.  that’s like my teenie bopper dream…almost (i was an n’sync girl). 

kids today, you’d think that i’d say they have it so good.  they’ve got wii, they’ve got cell phones at age 2, it’s a no no for their parents to spank them (i got spanked and i’m not crying child abuse. and i also turned out fine), so they get told to sit in a corner and think about what they did all nicely and junk.  no wonder our kids are crap.  they act out and are bratty and mommy and daddy go, “honey, that was wrong.  go sit on your chair because that was wrong.”  a CHAIR.  they have to sit on a freaking time out chair.  yeah, i’ll take my childhood over that crap.

my niece will grow up knowing sesame street, the care bears (the original goodness), rainbow brite and the land before time.  the first one, not the 7,000 sequels.  so now, i’m going to go build a lego house and listen to my Jock Jams c.d. from the 5th grade.


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