they call me chief, copy?

i miss the last time with my kids seeing as i was in arkansas hanging out with the southerns.  i was informed that i was missed though.  we got a new helper and she’s such a sweet girl.  she’s near my age and go along with my other helper quite well.  so i asked her, now that i was back, if she would prefer to be with the babies and she vigorously nodded yes.  this always happens.  everyone wants the babies.  fine with me.  except meatloaf…he’s mine.  i told her that was great and to not be offended, because i really wanted her there, but the kids know me as boss.  an older lady teaches a lesson and even she comes to me asking what the plan is.  i am queen.  i am the enforcer.  and i am now….chief.

i did a football theme with them this time (go figure) and after repeatedly telling the older boys, no, you can’t go outside because it’s 40 something degrees and dark and no one is watching you and no, i don’t care that you’re 10, no.  that’s when one of them said, “chief has spoken.  oooo, stacie?  can i call you chief now?”  “yeah, sure.”  “AWESOME. chief, whadda ya got planned then?”  “football.”  “football?” a crowd of boys asked with bright eyes.  “yes.  football.  you’re going to have a paper football tournament.”  “do we get to go to the superbowl?”  “why yes, yes you do.  there will be NO fighting on the teams.  first come, first serve.  max, you’re automatically the redskins because you and i are the only ones that love that team.”  “YES.  i’m Gano!  i’m Gano!  chief, does that make you shanahan?”  “yep buddy, i’ll be the shanahan to your gano.”  “YEAH!  chief’s on my side!”  “aw, come on chief.”

later, as they were coloring so i could set up and right before the lesson, carter yells over to me, “chief, who’s the quarterback of the rams?  james is saying matt stafford.”  “sam bradford is the quarterback of the rams, james.  stafford is the lions.”  “TOLD YA.”  “carter, knock it off.”  “sorry, chief.”

my little girls played field goal, pin the tail on the donkey style with one of my helpers and the boys got seriously into this tournament.  they even shook my hand (not many can reach my back in an appropriate spot yet) and said thanks.  the superbowl was the colts vs. the redskins.  i became the lead consaultant, two older girls were refs, gano had a new coach shanahan, vinatieri had his coach, caldwell.  each coach had a red challenge flag, 1 time out and could “trash” talk.  they played to 7.  it was INTENSE.  the redskins won by 1.  it was a close game.

then the boys’ hyperactivity levels went beyond their height (our reasoning for making them sit down to chill), so i did what i hate doing; i popped in a movie.  when they get so loud they just stay that way, no matter how many times i shush them.  this one kid legit does not know how to whisper.  they were even getting loud watching the movie.  their parents are right upstairs learning about God, so i need them to shut up.  finally, after a few empty threats and actual threats of “you will tell your parents you’re sorry for being loud,” they settled down and watched the lion king 1 1/2.  and then zoe proceeded to fall asleep on me and her sister bridget curled up too.  i’m not going to lie, i was quite comfortable.


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