You fixin’ to get comfy?

i went to my other homeland, arkansas.  it’s where my dad’s family lives.  it’s part of the motherland of football, great food, a funny accent and slower life.  when we landed, i actually saw a picture of justin bieber in the airport…which really isn’t much of an airport…then i almost saw a real cowboy.  almost…his boots weren’t right.

we brought crabs to my cousin’s house.  my cousin julie’s husband shawn is an honorable marylander.  that man can eat a bushel of crabs on his own.  julie’s sons clay and kyle took a minute to warm up, but as soon as they did, we were chatting away about football and school.  go figure.  saturday was tailgaiting before the razorbacks – ole miss rebels game.  WOOOOOO PIG SOOIE!  we won!  in your face ole miss.  we did have a weather delay and the dude said, “please move to the ramps.  you have no choice.  you can’t stay in your seat.”  rough.  my family and i proceeded to watch hours upon hours of football.  shawn asked me how i survive not eating red meat, especially in my fathers house.  shawn noticed me squirming in a chair.

“stace, you fixin to get comfy?”
“am i what?”
“fixin to get comfy.”
“what on earth does that mean?”
“i means, do you want to be more comfortable?”

later, shawn tells clay to go do something, but julie does it instead.  shawn goes,
“great clay, make your mom do it.”
“i was fixin to go!”

again with the fixin!  it’s a multi-meaning word.
sunday my aunt and uncle took me and my parents to eureka springs.  i have this one memory from this place from when i was 6.  it took me forever to figure out where we were in my memory until we pulled up.  then i started asking, “we’ve been here before, right?”  my uncle took great joy in bringing me to the haunted hotel.  i was almost jumping up and down.  ghost hunters had been there.  i exclaimed, “DAD! we so gotta stay here!”

it was too short of a visit. 


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