haven’t had much to say

the reason i gave my blog the url “averagepersonness” is because i am just that, an average person.  nothing overly exciting has happened in the past few days.  well, nothing that would make someone else laugh out loud or have a little heart explosion. 

i got back from miami…went back to work at the office…hung out with my best friend and then went to my sister’s.  my brother asked how tall i was.  i told him 5’3″, he sighed and said “damnit.  i wanted to tell my friends that my sister was a little person.”  then he proceeded to call me a little person, as did my sister for the rest of the day all while my mom just laughed.  we watched football and then i gave abigail her bath.  all of sunday was heart explosion day.  abigail gave me and her uncle mark (my brother) kisses and high-5’s.  i taught her the pound.  she curled up in my lap so i could read her a story and sat on my lap and played with my credit card as i registered for a 5k.  if you ask abby where her belly button is, she’ll lift her shirt and show you. 

then my brother pulled out his droid and we watched peyton play the redskins.  love my brother.

this weekend: arkansas.  football.  the south.  extended family.  good food.  football.


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