welcome to miami

today, i drove myself to the airport for the first time, navigated the airport on my own for the first time, befriended a wonderfully pleasant elderly man and chatted before boarding and flew by myself, i.e. no one i knew was on the flight, for the first time.  i missed almost the entirety of the skins’ game, but got off the plane in time to see gano kick a field goal.  got a taxi from the airport to my hotel all on my own.  yay, adulthood!

i was getting intensely hungry, but was waiting for boss man to get to the hotel first.  he arrives and says “construction much?” in regards to the renovations being done at this marriott.  i messaged him back saying, “eh, i’m over it.  they have the nfl network.”  priorities.

boss and i went to dinner at a place that very much looks like something you’d find in ocean city.  harpoon hannah’s or whatever is across the canal and you can dock your boat.  we chatted about life, football, some work and then when we were epically full, we checked out the market across from our hotel for some diet cokes.  we found the heaven of grocery stores.  we stared at “mint chocolate water,” looked at each other and shrugged and each picked up a bottle to try.  we found the mother of candy places and he told me that we were allowed to get some, we just couldn’t go overboard.  i got chocolate peanut butter covered pretzels. 

and then we found diet coke.  yes.


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