a question of sheets

a lot of people have sheets for when it’s freezing outside and for when it’s hot.  i have more sheets for when it’s hot than when it’s cold.  my parents, they have 2 sets for cold, 2 sets for hot.  i have 1 for cold and 3 for hot.  as some know (especially those who have gone on vacation with me and groaned when i made it colder in the room and therefore they scooted closer into my back to keep warm (ashley)) i am a human radiator.  i am always warm.  i hate summer time because i can never get cool enough when sleeping.  i’m also cursed with being one of those “needs weight to sleep” people.  you know, the whole i have to have blankets and pressure (i line each side of me with pillows).  so that makes summer sleeping ridiculous and sweaty and just ugh.  i prefer cold sleeping.  i used to never have cold weather sheets because even with the heat set to 68 degrees in the house, i was hot.  that was until i started to cover my vent and keep the fan on all year round.  now i can have the flannel sheets with 3 other blankets and sweats and a long sleeve shirt.  seems excessive right?  begs the question of “why freeze yourself out when you can just keep the heat on in your room and use less bedding and clothes?”  because i like more bedding and layers.  it’s that cocoon/safe feeling.  and it’s so warm and toasty.

why am i bringing this up?  well, because i’ve actually been cold these past few days.  i wasn’t exactly prepared for the abrupt 75 degree day to 55 degree day and even chillier night.  so i’ve been staring at my bed each night before i go to sleep debating on if i should just put the flannel sheets on there already.  but i hesitate because it’s supposed to warm up and what if i premptively put on the sheets and then it warms up and i’m cursing them because i’m too hot?  just change them, right?  well, that’s a freaking effort and time consuming and it makes me hot.  i despise changing my sheets because i over heat and heat up my room just putting on the fitted bottom sheet (someone needs to explain to me how to fold that sucker).

so.  preemptive or wait it out and add another layer?


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