list time!! woot woot!

multiple short lists….ready and go.

current favorite things:
1) pumpkin ice cream
2) working from home
3) yoda’s intense pool workout
4) spending time with gator pants (she gives real kisses!)
5) the weather is getting colder….and i’m getting happier

current favorite songs:
1) thistle and weeds by mumford and sons
2) backed into the corner by amy stroup
3) light speed by golden state
4) break your little heart by all time low
5) my best theory by jimmy eat world
(please mark this day as one where my music list does not have john mayer on it…but that’s cause he’s song 6)

current favorite/funny/wtf articles:
1) plunging elevators (thanks katie)
2) jon stewart said what?!
3) not everyone listens to the US?  really?
4) running hurts my skin now?
5) is it wrong to call this ironic?

future things i’m excited about
1) going to arkansas to visit my family and to see the razorbacks take on ole miss!
2) carving pumpkins
3) halloweeeeeeeeeeeeenie
4) my first business trip
5) the entire month of october


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