friday night fun

today was a long day.  i woke up at 5am and couldn’t fall back asleep.  had a long day at work, but i got to leave early to beat traffic and finish my day from home.  after sending off a presentation at 4:45, i was officially on weekend time!  that meant, head over to best friend’s house and watch comedy central.

and it also meant dying my hair.  brunette.  well, for 28 washes.  i like it, i think.  it’s definitely different.  i’m used to my sun streaked blond and strawberry/dark blond. by the time i get used to it, it’ll be washing out!

tonight also meant having to call in to 99.5.  a friend of mine works for clear channel and was sitting in with the night jock, Kruz.  me being all awkward, i have to contemplate what i’m going to say to this dude i’ve never met that yoda is friends with.  nope.  not awkward at all.  i end up telling him about carroll county life and how picking up your sibling on a 4-wheeler or a tractor is normal.

then i get told that Kruz is picking on yoda and i have to call back in to yell at him.  somehow that leads to a question about what Kesha’s song “take it off” means and it lands me on the air…

odd friday night.  just saying.


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