lightbulb moment: tinkerbell

i have an utter hatred of tinkerbell.  she’s whiny. she sells out peter pan.  she’s jealous and acts on it.  and she’s not a good role model for children.  most of all, i just hate her because the movie is called Peter Pan and yet everywhere in fudging disney world, it’s tinker tinker tinker.

now, abigail loves abby cadabby and she’s going to be a fairy for halloween this year.  my mom tells me after i see a tinkerbell candle that i’ve got probably two years before abigail has a fairy party and i have to dress up like tinkerbell.

“ma, i’m only going to go as tinkerbell if she ASKS me to go as tinkerbell.”
“i know,” she says with an impish grin.
“oh.  oh, come on.  you’re going to COACH her, aren’t you?  you’re going to tell her to ask me to come as tinkerbell and because i’ll do whatever she asks; i’ll dress up like that cause i can’t be the reason she’s crying.”

the mom just smiles and keeps on walking.

“that’s cheating.  you can’t coach her if you won’t let me teach her to hate tinkerbell!”
“you’re very good at whining.”
“whatever, woman.”


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