you’re watching what?

today i got stuck in traffic, per usual.  so to stave off the excess boredom, i first called laura (brutha) and we chatted for an hour.  let me just point out that i called her from the entrance ramp to 495 and when we got off the phone, i was STILL on 495.  anyway.

when i was on father hurley, i decided to call my actual brother to see how he was.  i figured it was a good time to chat.  he picks up and we start talking away and he’s drinking a beer and his friends are in the background.  we’re talking about my impending trip to miami (which he offered to join.  in his words with some censorship, “you work, i’ll F around then we’ll go out and party.  sound good?)  love the brother and his wonderful influence.  (i really do love my brother.  we’re very different, but i wouldn’t call him for no reason except to chat about God knows what unless i actually loved him) 

so then he goes, hold on a sec.  i say k and the following happens:
“are you F***ing kidding me?  he’s so slow….mumble, the F bomb, another curse.”-brother
“mumbling….” brother’s friend
“naw man, the F***er sucks.  he’s pulling off at like 3.8.  this is like dragging.” – brother
“mumbling.  your sister is still on the phone asshole.” -friend
“i know she is!  she knows i’m talking about this.  shut the F*** up and drink your beer.” – brother
then there’s some more yelling about whatever they’re watching and i start laughing.
“Whatcha laughin about over there?” Brother asks and i can hear the smile.
“bahahaha, you sound like i do when i’m watchin football and hockey.  what are you watchin anyway?”-me
“a tractor pull.”-brother.


“you still there?”  brother asks
“what’d you get quiet for?” brother asks
“i had to process the fact that you’re not watching street racing or something like that and that you’re actually arguing and cursing over a tractor pull.”-i say calmly.
“need more time?”-brother
“alright.  i’ll call ya when i get to o.c. this weekend and we’ll talk about miami.”-brother
“love you.”-me
“love ya too.”-brother


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