Redskins Vs. Dallas

no lie, i went into last night’s game expecting a loss.  and not just a loss, a blow out.  i have the utmost confidence in the shanahans, bruce allen and our new quarterback mcnabb (still so weird to see him on the field).  however, i did not expect to look like a fudging football team.  i legit almost cried tears of joy.  watching trent williams continue to block so chris cooley could get the first down.  watching mcnabb run the ball because he read the field correctly to get a first down.  clinton portis (there’s a reason i have his jersey) breaking through dallas’ defense. oh, and i can’t forget deangelo hall’s somersault touchdown.  i mean, no lie, our offense is still eh.  we have no receivers.  when your tight end (chris cooley) is your #1 receiver, that’s a problem.  but we have a much much better o-line.

and hands down, and this is not just because i loathe dallas with all of my being (no offense B), dallas looked like crap.  so. many. flags.  so. many. calls.  i was in shock.  nothing ever gets called against dallas because everyone worships the ground they walk on.  my words to yoda last night were nothing of the clean sort, so i made it clean just for this.  but dude.  alex barron.  bahahahaahahahaahahahahahaha.  what a dumbass.  holding on the last play when romo actually hit the player he intended and barron has a choke hold on my orakpo.  dude.  i hope they made you walk home.

we looked like a football team.  we played like one.  and maybe dan snyder will keep his nose out of the way and start bowing down to the shanahans and LISTEN for once.  well, a girl can dream.

hail to the redskins. hail to victory. braves on the warpath.  fight. for old. dc!


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