Loop Hole

i love finding loop holes.  for some reason it’s entertaining to me.  here’s my newest.

there’s a statement that i am 50/50 on most of the time to begin with: “the time you spend being angry is time wasted because you’ll never get that time back.”  this is true.  time is irreversible, but i also feel like this statement means we need to be happy 24/7, 365/66 (leap year).  that’s just plain stupid.  we’re fudging human beings, anger and sadness are natural emotions that we’re SUPPOSED to feel.  the other issue i have with this statement is that it feels like we’re waiting for impending doom.  i’ve been told that we’re all going to die some day, i haven’t come to terms with this fact, but that’s besides the point.  living each moment like it’s our last is like walking on eggshells.  i gotta live up every second because i could die right now.  that’s called paranoia.  and i’m sorry, before 8am and before my 2nd or 3rd cup of coffee, i’m not living up anything.  i’m just trying to stay standing up and become coherent.

and now to my loop hole.

as aforementioned in multiple posts, i drive a shotty commute every day to work.  49.8 miles one way, yet it’s totally worth it because of what i get to do everyday.  the traffic report is typically the same.  if you’re on 270 south in the morning or anywhere on 495 or 66 or 7, you’re fudging screwed.  if you’re on 270 north, anywhere on 495, 66 or 7 in the evening, you’re fudging screwed.  and there’s no way to avoid it.  the bridge over the potomac on 495 is pretty much the only way to get across unless you drive north to go south, and then you’ll get stuck on 7.  you made your bed, so you have to lie in it.  some days it’s fine.  i make it from point A to point B in a relatively “decent” time.  but for that 2-4 hours a day that i’m sitting in a crawling parking lot on 2 major highways, i can’t do anything.  i can’t work, workout, nap, relax, watch a movie or read a book.  i can listen to a book, but i still have to pay attention to the car that’s right in front of me.  so then i though, if i spend the 15 or so minutes being angry that i would at work or working out or at the news while i’m driving, it’s not 15 minutes being wasted because i already can’t do anything for 2-4 hours anyway.  SO, i can combine my driving time with allotted anger/sadness/possible woe is me time and multitask!  LOOP HOLE.

i explained this loop hole to katie, scotty and yoda and they all agree.  good use of my time.

in other funny news, i told G-man at work about the “bed intruder song” and the story behind it since we were discussing the best worst celebs (jersey shore cast and kate gosslin made that list too).  he later walks into my office after watching the youtube clips and goes, “antoine dodson is by far my new favorite person.  thank you for enlightening  me.  now can i bring to your attention the 2009 gathering of the juggalos informercial?”  epic.


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