family weekend

this weekend i had actually planned on legitamitly doing nothing for two straight days.  i was going to chill out in my house in my sweats and watch half a season of LOST and read a book.  yeah, that lasted until mother dearest told me she was going down to sister’s to visit lady gator pants.  i looked at her in my baby face, pleading look, “can i go too?”  she rolls her eyes and tells me she gets the baby first.  i simply reply, well, that’s fine.  the dog will be more excited to see me anyway.

after the typical “mom, i need starbucks” run, we met up with gator, sister, brother in law and kaos (the dog, not their life).  this might not matter to anyone else, but i was so thrilled that gator pants recognized who i was and actually reached for me.  and came to me so i could read her a book.  and kept getting me to wiggle her around.  and even came to me when she was scared of her toy and kept ahold of me as she explored.  she also loves slides now.  it’s awesome.

saturday turned into sunday and i woke up even earlier so my sister and i could make “better than sex cake”for her street’s block party.  i willingingly woke up at 7am on a weekend to go hang with my family and make the best cake in the world.  dedifreakingcation.  we watched some LOST and mom learned very quickly to not ask questions because it takes too long to explain and you’re not going to get it.  but i will pause every now and then to tell you something just so you understand half of it.  then brother in law said something and sister whipped her head around going, SHE DOESN’T KNOW THAT!  and he goes, actually, she told me what she knows, stacie, explain to your sister how you know this.  “I’ve watched the previews for 6 seasons.  I know Henry Gale turns out to be Ben Linus and he needs Jack for something medically related.  That’s all I know other than he’s a creepy looking man.”
“oh,  okay.  well, don’t tell her anything else.” she replies.
“well, she’s learned she can’t ask you anything because you and i both tell her to just watch.”  b-i-l says.
“right.  that’s the way it should be.  and you miss (pointing at me) are not allowed to look it up on the Lostepedia.”
“too late.”
“it just confused me even more because i didn’t get it.”
“so stop looking.”
“i HAVE.”

my sister and i like to have private jokes at the expense of other people (like my brother-in-law) while that person is talking.  it might be through eyes or through whispered comments.  rude, maybe.  funny, always.  we discussed the things that our grammy (may she rest in peace and know that we love her) used to do or spaz out about.  the number one thing was asking us if we wanted milk or apple juice in our cereal.  that started a long trend of nasty combinations.  i was glad to find out that other people think this is gross too.  i’m a super picky eater.  super super picky.  no lie, one lady at work thinks i eat only peanut butter and jelly…

anyway.  my weekend of pure and unadulterated laziness was replaced with epic family time.


One thought on “family weekend

  1. haha ben linus…yes..something medical..bahaha you don't knowww

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