Stacie, you have to go to….

Miami.  for a meeting.

i’m sorry, but i think i can totally handle traveling for work.  it’s just right up my alley.

when i first got my job, they said i might have to travel, but they didn’t know how soon or how often.  i’m finishing up my third full week and i got an updated travel list with my name on it.  SCORE.

we have to maintain a public image, so i’ll never tell stories on here because unlike Nurse Fundus Chop, people can actually figure out who i work with, what articles i’m talking about and it could just be very bad…so i’m playing it safe.

i can, however, tell you cool stuff that doesn’t quite relate to work.  like my boss saying we need to take a field trip to get playdough.  and telling my boss that i’ll work my magic and he emails back going, “thanks potter.”  and emailing my boss commenting that because his internet is so 2000 and late, i’ll see if i can figure out the issue.  and also telling him that it was a horrible black eyed peas reference.  and having a gchat competition on who’s cooler.  all while we’re actually being completely productive (this is not sarcastic actually, we get A LOT of crap done).

i love my job.  it was worth the wait.


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