oh Lordy.

Motion sickness or kinetosis: also known as Travel Sickness, is a condition in which a disagreement exists between visually perceived movement and the vestibular system’s sense of movement.

Also known as the worst Fing feeling in the world aside from severe pain and migraines.  i’ve never felt dismemberment, so we’re not going there.

i get car sick as a passenger in the back seat, the front seat and when i’m driving.  i just look at my mom’s mustang and feel sick.  it’s horrible.  you feel the need to vomit, but you rarely do.  your whole body is hot and the AC isn’t strong enough at it’s coldest and highest blast to cool you off.  you’re irritated.  and you’re sitting on 495 trying to get on 270 but no one can drive and it’s backed up for no reason.  well, today we sort of had a reason and that was an eco-terrorist who decided taking people hostage in the discovery channel building to push his point that people are filth was a good idea. 

anyway, it is possible to get car sick as the driver.  a lot of people think that people get it because they’re not in control.  well dudes who think that, i was definitely in control of my car, i was just not in control of the flow of traffic.  we would cruise at 60 mph for five minutes and then all of a sudden a jackass would cut another poor soul off and then a following dumb dumb would slam on her breaks in her huge mommy mobile because of a spec of dust and that’s when it starts.  everyone starts slamming on breaks.  people start cutting other people off because they think they’re actually going to get somewhere in the lane right next to them. and then you have the assholes who drive in the HOV lane without passengers to get a head start and then they see a cop and cut you off so they don’t get pulled over.  and God forbid this all happens when school has started and if you add rain, oh hell, just stay where you are.

but it’s this constant speed up, slow down, slam on the breaks, speed up again, jackass cuts you off, slam on breaks, speed up, slow down, stop completely, start up again and then stop again.  no wonder my stomach feels like upchucking my lunch.  and that’s really annoying because i’m typically excited for my lunch.

my stomach has a love affair with pepto bismal.  i’ve tried the sea-bands that people wear.  fail.  i used to take ginger ale on every drive.  stopped working.  i suck down mints because peppermint helps ease stomachs.  started feeling sick from too many mints.  my next idea is to just keep pepto with me at all times like i do migraine meds.


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