conversations while working

Brian: i’m gonna learn to fly
              no bump that, i’m gonna buy a firebolt 
me: floo network
Brian: lets figure out how to apparate
 me: yessssss

me: antartica has a government?! what?!
Brian: lol is it run by polar bears?

Katie: haha bangkok
             ive been around boys too much
me: oh, i do it to
        every time

Brian: i say go wild
             brand new house
 me: um….no
Brian: ppl were buying $300,000 homes making 18 grand 3 years ago
             whats one more bad decision?

sometimes you have to lie
            for instance
            2 examples
            1. President Bush, why do you want to start a war with Iraq? “WMD’s!”
            2. Hey President Obama…is that a Koran on your desk? “No…somebody gave
                that to me. It’s a gift.”

just so you know, i eat your daily veggie servings
today you had zucchini, green bell pepper and carrots
Brian: i’m so healthy
dude i’m such a beast
i make medicine sick
 me: and you’re going to have a pluot too


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