i am a nerd, though i do prefer intellectual badass.  i like nerdy things.  as some know, i’ve recently begun watching LOST.  yes, i do know that it’s over and yes, i do know that i missed the hype.  but, you cannot start in the middle of a season with this show or you miss EVERYTHING.  so therefore, and also do to my sister’s encouraging, i waited until all the seasons were over and until i had netflix.  LOST is on instant streaming, so i watch it there.  i was hooked by the middle of episode one.  i have been texting fellow LOST people questions, laughs, angry words towards ana lucia, etc. 

i then decided to buy the seasons.  they’re not going to be on netflix instant streaming for forever and since i do love the show, i’ll watch it again at some point.  i do that with a lot of stuff.  eventually it just becomes background and with a show this epic, it was worth it.  so i went on amazon and found this:    

 ALL the seasons.  in ONE collection.  NERDGASM. and it was cheaper than buying each season individually.  will i ever play the game thingy it comes with, most likely not.  will i play with the black light?  of course.


One thought on “Nerdgasm

  1. Katie Durski says:

    HAHAHA nerdgasm. I'm glad you have joined the cult

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