My awesome job means:

1) Packing your lunch the night before work and worrying about vegetable intake
2) Picking out your outfit that is no longer a t-shirt and jeans and laying it out to save 10 minutes in the morning
3) Setting your coffee on delay brew so it’s brewing when you’re waking
4) Purposefully turning OFF your ipod to listen to TALK radio to get the traffic report on the 8s
5) Sitting in the 3rd worst commute in the nation and knowing there’s nothing you can do about it but laugh because we all left at the same damn time
6) Noticing that on 495, if you drive a silver, grey, white, navy blue or black car, you are from that DC-MD-VA area.  Any other color, you do not work or live there.  There’s an occasional deep red, but rarely.
7) Having two phones and therefore having to create no phone zones.  I’m sorry people, but the blackberry stays with me 24/7 because it has to.  And it only goes on vibrate when I’m sleeping.
8) Getting free starbucks because your boss asks you to sit at his desk and babysit his blackberry because the tech is doing computer work and he’s angry.
9) Yelling back and forth across the hall with your boss about:
                     1) Why the HELL do we have 7,000 small germans?
                     2) Bosso: Stace, edit this!  Please and Thank you!  My eyes can’t take it anymore. Me: Commas save lives!  Bosso:  Babies die without them!  Me: So do grandmas!
                     3) Me: We pay our video editors, right?  Bosso: Yeah.  Me: Then why is it that I have to tell them that the sound quality drops out for 15 solid seconds?  Bosso: Because they suck at life.  Me:  Well that explains it.
10) Awesome people who purposefully seek you out to meet you because they’ve heard a lot about you and wanted to know why bosso and presidenta talked about you so much
11) Going to someone who’s got the same sense of humor you do and asking him if this box weighs more than his kid so you can fill out some paperwork
12) Having a window in MY office.
13) Being able to give a high school intern projects and even though I’ve only been there a week or so, knowing he did it wrong and having to redo it because you can read Bosso’s mind.
14) Keeping a clock up with the time in the city your boss is currently in so you know when to call him about something.
15) Not being mad about going to work everyday.


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