a list of things as of late

there’s too much to talk about, so i’ll list it

1) telling my dad that i lose everything in 3 minutes. he tells me it’s the ghost. and i tell him the ghost must follow me around and steal things. dad says i’m the easiest target.
2) starting my new job.  i love it.  the drive isn’t fun, but what can you do?  everyone leaves at the same time and it’s not like i can control it (though i wish i could)
3) little zoe running up to me and leaping into my arms for a hug.  my little boyfriend trent snuggling into that space between your neck and shoulder.  juliana, abigail and ally all fighting to tell me about their weeks.  natalie stealing my nose when i told her i’d steal her tongue if she kept sticking it out.
4) the movie remember me.  i didn’t watch it because of the whole robert pattinson craze.  i watched it because of the meaning.  and even though someone should have warned me that sept 11th is in it, it was a solid movie.
5) my new found addiction to LOST.  i totally missed out.
6) i read on the IMDB board that people think Max in Where the Wild Things Are has autism or ADHD.  why do we automatically assume that because a child has an imagination or isn’t very social or lashs out, there’s something wrong with the kid;some sort of disorder?  why do we have to put a label on everything that’s different?
7) i really cannot wait for the month of october.  it’s my favorite month.  football, cold crisp air, fall colors, halloween…i’m so excited
8) the song “sweet sweet heartkiller” by say hi to your mom.
9) movies like World Trade Center and United 93.  i feel like it was too soon for them to be made.  too soon for hollywood to do something with that day.  we waited years to do true war movies about WWII, why can’t we wait for sept 11th?  why do we have to make it a movie?  can’t we just respect it?  maybe it’s just me and the fact that my gut and heart still hurt when i see it…
10) a bunch of us taking a shortened personality type test and finding out that i’m actually an introvert, despite what people think…


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