oh, i’m so behind on the times.  i just discovered this.

Dear Starbucks Customers,
I’m what’s making you fat.

Sincerely, The venti triple caramel frappuccino with extra whip.

Dear Twilight Fans,
Thank you for making us look sane and well-adjusted.

<!– Sincerely, Trekkies.

Dear Bella,
Next time just try a wizard.

Sincerely, Team Harry.

Dear Chuck Norris,
Join me, and together we can rule the universe.

Sincerely, Old Spice Man.

Dear Dentist,
Please cease and desist with your stupid questions. My mouth is full!

Sincerely, I May Punch You in the Face Soon.

Dear Cancer,
I will never forgive/miss/appreciate you. This summer without you has been the best three months of my life. I’m in love now you know?

Sincerely, 20 year old, experiences of a 50 year old, and heart of a teen.

Dear Professor Snape,
We are sorry we doubted you, you still creep us out though.

Sincerely, Harry Potter fans.

Dear GPS,
Could you tell me how to get… how to get to Sesame Street?

Sincerely, Maria.

Dear Person Who Linked me this Site,
Please never send me a link again. I have responsibilities and absolutely no willpower.

Sincerely, I just broke the addiction to MLIA, damnit.

Dear Brett Favre,
Quit playin’ games with my heart.

Sincerely, Retirement.


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