FGO.  like how you pronounce USA.  F.G.O.  what is FGO you ask?  oh, well quite frankly it means F***ing Growth Opportunity.  an FGO typically happens when after an event, whether it be discussion, argument, life and death situation, a bad coffee combo, whatever you deem fit, etc.  And after this event, you learn something and you grow as a person.

why am i bringing F.G.O’s up?  well, to quote grey’s anatomy’s addison, “there is a land called passive-aggresiva and i am their queen.”  i am also the queen of avoidance.  you don’t have to tell me that avoiding will eventually blow up in my face because i, in fact, do know this.  i’m just a fan of instant satisfaction and therefore avoiding works for me.  anyway.  i am passive-aggressive in a bad way.  when i should be passive, i’m aggressive.  when i should be aggressive, i’m passive.  i am typically always the opposite of what i should be in that moment and that’s so frustrating because things happen and then i go, well WTF just happened?!  this is where FGO comes in handy.  if something blows up in my face, i get to analyze it and learn from it.  so annoying, yet so worth it.

life.  it’s an F’ing Growth Opportunity.


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