you know you’re friends when/you know you’re an adult when

I’ve slowly compiled these lists over recent months and they are ever growing.

1) you allow the person access to your facebook, with clicking “remember username and password” so they can “stalk” people and you know they won’t change your pictures and what not
2) when you’re walking in D.C. and text your friend asking them to log into your gmail to refresh your memory on where you’re supposed to be in 5 minutes
3) when you can outright tell them that they are not the person you normally g-chat with on a daily basis, but they’ll still do and they 1) accept the fact and 2) are supposedly okay with this (B-Lo)
4) you know what the secret door is and how to unlock it to get into the house to let the dog out
5) they know your bed time routine and sleeping habits and you know theirs
6) you can answer 16 to 17 out of 18 questions correct and give multiple answers because you know the person favors more than one and has to choose in order to win a prize at a bridal shower
7) you automatically notify the person that you have a gift receipt because they know you suck at buying gifts and they appreciate your attempt at wrapping
8) you hate the same people and have nicknames picked out for when one of you talks about someone and you keep them straight
9) when you get texts at 3am even though they know you won’t respond because you’re passed out cold but they needed you to know so they wouldn’t foreget
10) when you didn’t ask but they walked in the door holding a cup of coffee and different options for how to fix it

1) you start out laughing at a BBQ about some video on youtube but somehow that morphs into hating your job
2) daily dinner conversation consists of how much you hate your kitchen and want to redesign it
3) you call your friends and ask if they want any of your vegetable plants
4) you get home from a long day and find the dog has eaten your pillow and you just leave it there and go grab a beer
5) all of your friends are getting married and your planner is now filled with bridal showers, bachlorette parties and the actual wedding
6) you have the savings key chain card for every grocery store within a 10 mile radius
7) you get invited to “our new house!” parties and help the new bride decorate and not feel weird about it at all
8) your younger friends can stay up until 1 or 2 in the morning and at 10:30 you’re so far gone you can’t think straight
9) someone mentions they go to the college you graduated from and you have to tell them the year you graduated and then you remember you have a diploma hanging in a frame
10) you start to panic less about your age (that only works for some.  i panic about my age each day)

Trust me, I’m holding back on these lists.


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