me and my sister

today i hung out with the kids at church, especially my little boyfriend, he’s stellar.  i was operated on 6 times and apparently i have 4 sets of tonsils.  then i went home to my house and my sister and miss gator pants were there. i came inside to the living room filled with bubbles.  the good and sticky kind.  she looks at me and goes, go back to your room and turn your fan off and then proceeds to follow me down the hall.  she stood on my bed as gator and i played with my moose stuffed animal and blew bubbles all over my room.  “everyone needs a bubble wonderland at least once a year.” then my mom took gator outside to play in the redneck pool (a plastic tub with water) while my sister and i worked out.  we do those lovely biggest loser DVDs where you just want to shoot the dude the whole time.  after close to an hour of that we went for a jog.  and by jog, i mean jog while doing funny things.  we ran up a hill and pretended to be airplanes on the way down.  we started to sing kesha’s tik tok on the way up the second hill until we got to the third line and realized we knew none of the words.  then came “rubber ducky you’re the one.”  but we changed that to the following:
“rubber ducky, you’re the one.
you make running so much fun.
rubber ducky, i’m not so very fond of you.”

then we sang,
“somewhere over the next hill,
is our next goal.
we’ll soon arrive and move on
to another goal.”

this is life with my sister.  she’s pretty stellar.

oh, and i totally still have a bubble stuck to my bedroom wall.


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