good bye pacific northwest

when i’m out here in washington and oregon, i feel at home and at peace.  it is STUNNING out here.  the trees.  the mountains that still have snow on them.  the water.  the cliffs.  speaking of cliffs, yesterday all four of us jumped off one into ice cold water.  we were at crater lake and ran down a 1.1 mile trail and came to the edge of some rocks.  two people were there and told us to jump off, they had and that this rock was iconic and known as divers ledge or cliff divers ledge or something of that nature.  jo was all in and she was the first to go.  then ash.  then me.  then laura.  i screamed the whole way down, but it was worth it.  how often can you say you played in snow in june, ran a trail, jumped off a cliff into a lake made by a collapsed volcano and then walked back up the same trail.  not often.

today we saw mt. saint helen’s and the largest freaking bookstore known to mankind.  i bought the book The Lie by Chuck Kultgen.

life. adventures. peace. love.


One thought on “good bye pacific northwest

  1. I can't wait to see pictures! 🙂

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