i’m ashamed of my generation

my generation is so stupid.

we’re ruining the english language with text lingo and writing tht instead of that, kno instead of know, gr8 instead of great.  we’re lazy.  we’re apathetic.  we’re so scheduled it’s ridiculous.  we’re tainted by people drilling into our heads that we have to conform and be a stereotype.  we’re tainted by people pushing ideas on us and telling us how and what to think instead of giving us a topic and figuring it out for ourselves.

we think that injecting billions of dollars into an economy is a good idea.  we think that the health care bill is a good idea as well.  but does my generation realize that we’re going to paying out the wazoo, as is our children’s children’s children.  we are going to be in debt for forever because our government thought that a million dollars for an airport that barely gets used is a good idea.

we also think that illegals should be allowed to stay.  i do feel for them.  i don’t understand where they are coming from, but i do have compassion.  it’s not a child’s fault that their parents brought them here illegally.  but we all have to live with our own parents’ sins.  yes, i have compassion for you and your story.  but there is an IL in front of legal.  we have to draw a line somewhere.  if there’s a rule, ALL must follow it.  if you’re illegal, than no, you do not belong here.  i can’t help that.  so, to my generation, if we make exceptions for certain people, what happens to the law?  what happens to the rules?  they’re gone. destroyed.  and order is lost.

we believe that we need a nanny state.  someone to control what we eat because we’re obese.  that’s not my problem.  that’s not the government’s problem.  that’s yours.  it’s your life.  your lifestyle.  yes, you’re not healthy, but that’s your decision.  not mine. not the government.

i believe in less government, not more but not anarchy.  if your parents are helicopter parents, what do you do?  you rebel.  my parents were not and that’s the way i like it. 

my generation needs to learn to not spend money we don’t have.  that rules were made for a reason, and need to be followed to keep order.  and that we don’t need a nanny.

my generation needs to not be stupid anymore.


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