a day for history

today i took younger one and the two dogs i’m watching to antietam to walk around.  i’ve stayed out here in boonsboro a few times and always tell myself i’ll go, but never do.  today, i finally went.

it’s very beautiful up here and the battlefield as well.  lazy wheat and corn fields are lined with antique war fencing.  grave stones litter certain areas, but you’re really walking on graves all the time.  we had chatted throughout the entire walk about tons of things, but at one point we stopped to give the dogs water.  when i stood up and looked back out over the battlefield, it dawned on me where we really were.  more than a hundred years ago men stood on this land and fought for what they believed in.  our country was almost divided in that war.  and abe lincoln got a lot of wrinkles.  but americans stood on both sides of the line fighting against each other for what they stood for.  we stayed as one country.  in that moment, i prayed that we could still stay as one country because i feel that we’re on a verge to another civil war.

but it was beautiful.


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